Aug 03 2016

VetEvolve Weekly

Each week at our practices, we take note of the management challenges which consumed our time and attention. We also sometimes include impactful books, articles, educational opportunities, and other nuggets of information. Are you seeing anything similar

 We Strive to Create a Positive Enviroment for Our Hard-Working Staff

Read this article for some insight on how hard we should or shouldn’t push our people.
How to Put the Right Amount of Pressure on Your Team by Liane Davey

 BRAVECTO Topical Coming for Cats This Year and for Dogs in 2017 

Our veterinarians are going to evaluate this option. We’ll soon see if clients request it.

Millennials Are Impacting Our Business- Pew Reports 58% of Pet Owners are 18 to 2

Are you seeing this in your clinic like we are? How are you adapting to bond with these clients?

 Coporatization Continues. Another Regional Group Takes Institutional Financial Backing

Tell us how you feel about this trend in the profession.

Click for Press Release

 We Make Compliance More than a Buzzword. We Measure – and Measuring Works

Staff training and publishing practice metrics increased our HW & F&T by 25% over the past 90 days (45% in July). What do you measure and how do you measure it?

We live leadership and management in our clinics every day – Reach out if you’d like to compare notes on these topics, or anything else that is on your mind.

Paul, Nick, & Jessica

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