Helping Veterinarians and Practices Grow Sustainably

At VetEvolve’s family of practices in the Eastern US, we’re known for people-first veterinary practice acquisition and personalized veterinary career support.

Support Throughout Your Veterinary Career

Practice owners, veterinarians, support staff, and interning veterinary students are all happier here. VetEvolve helps everyone at every stage — making sure veterinary professionals have the support they need, when they need it.

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Multiple Practices.
One Shared Vision

Our proven, people-focused leadership approach and commitment to sustainable growth help practices and individuals reach higher heights. See how our superior business management benefits each location in our family of practices.

Why Our Veterinarians Love Their Careers

VetEvolve veterinarians benefit from thoughtful onboarding, ongoing career support, and the freedom to chase their passions. Hear directly from veterinarians specializing in different areas about their positive experiences with VetEvolve.

Dr. Jenna Garza

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Jenna Garza
Dr. Sonali Kadam

General Practice & Exotic Animals

Dr. Sonali Kadam
Dr. Vanessa Mitchell

Internal Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Vanessa Mitchell
Dr. Julie Van Scoik

Preventive Medicine, General Practice, & Nutrition

Dr. Julie Van Scoik

What Is It Like to Sell Your Veterinary Practice to VetEvolve?

VetEvolve’s seamless 90-day veterinary transition process is followed by ongoing support you and your staff can count on. Unlike some other corporate consolidators, your practice name, identity, and culture stay while our leaders help your veterinarians and staff thrive. Learn more about our people-first veterinary practice acquisition process in this video.

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Our Blog

Becoming a Relief Veterinarian vs. a Part-Time Veterinarian

A part-time or relief veterinarian fills in positions at clinics when needed, taking pressure off of full-time vets. Find out more about these two career paths.

Avoid Veterinary Burnout With the Right Support

The stresses of veterinary medicine can be a potent recipe for veterinary burnout. Learn more about how to recognize symptoms and avoid stress here.

Jessica DeCesare is Named VetEvolve’s First Chief People Officer

At VetEvolve, our people-first focus starts with the doctors we work with. That’s why Jessica DeCesare is now our Chief People Officer. Learn more here.

At VetEvolve, it’s all about you. Get in touch with our team today.