Veterinary Practice Acquisition Made Personal

VetEvolve is a small, people-focused organization that leads veterinary practices toward their goals and develops veterinary professionals to be the best they can be. Our founders are veterans who served in the Marines and have since obtained extensive business management and veterinary industry experience. Our founders and team’s vast capabilities in industry know-how, business management, and community leadership set us apart from other ownership transition options.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all structure, we offer a variety of customizable ownership transition options for the sale of your practice. Our solutions focus on sustainability, high-quality pet care, clinic-level relationships, and superior practice management.

We personalize and tailor each plan we create to your business, not ours. VetEvolve goes beyond simple back-office integration by creating easy-to-use information systems focused on diagnostic efficacy and relationship management, allowing you to provide a higher quality customer experience. We work to sustain the values on which your practice was built while driving growth and solidifying client loyalty.

With more than two decades of proven leadership experience, including in-depth experience in the veterinary service industry, our management team brings a unique perspective to your business’s evolution. VetEvolve works at the practice level by creating a partnership with the staff and understanding culture and success drivers. Above all else, we put you and your clients first, and each solution we develop is unique, personal, and mutually beneficial.

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Our Story

See how our founders went from serving their country in the Marines to building a business that serves veterinary practice owners, employees, and clients.

Leadership Team

Our small but mighty team focuses on interpersonal connections to provide customized succession plans and high-quality business solutions to all of our partners.


Don’t just take our word for it — see what our partners, practice team members and doctors have to say about the benefits of VetEvolve’s superior business management and customized solutions for ownership transitions.

Community Stewardship

We are proud to support both veteran- and animal-focused organizations in honor of our founders and our mission, both through charitable donations and community service.

VetEvolve is the people-focused ownership transition solution your practice needs.