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Are you curious what your practice is worth?

VetEvolve offers valuation services to help sellers understand what their practice is worth.

It is important for any seller to know what their practice is worth before engaging with prospective buyers. Even if you have no immediate plans to sell or transition your practice, it’s wise to have current valuation data for estate planning.

VetEvolve is the ideal source for valuation analysis since we, ourselves, purchase practices. We are not brokers who need to drive transactions at any value; we are operators interested in the longevity of the veterinary profession. We strive to create successful partnerships founded on mutually beneficial outcomes.

For a fixed fee, VetEvolve will provide a valuation analysis of your practice based on our proven methodology. We will also give guidance on what to expect from other types of participants in this competitive environment. Since we analyze balance sheets for a wide variety of practices we may be able to help you identify areas in which you can increase your practice’s value and make it more attractive to a potential buyer.

How it works:

Our process is simple and low-impact to your business. Under the protection of a confidentiality agreement, we first meet with you, then review the financial and operational components of your business. The end product is a detailed analysis of how we would value your practice. The report is yours to keep.

We’re not brokers. We don’t tell you how to value your practice so we can take a fee on the sale. Rather, we buy practices based on solid valuations and benefit from long-term growth. We know how the real world market values practices because we compete in that market daily. We can help you understand what different types of buyers will pay and what you can expect from them. We can help you avoid the common mistakes that typically destroy value in a transaction. We understand deal-structuring and tax implications. These complex functions make a big difference in valuation and can dramatically impact your proceeds from a sale or ownership transition.

What’s important to us? When it’s time to consider a major event like a sale, large equipment purchase or ownership transition, you should be armed with the necessary information. A universe of well-informed sellers helps our entire industry.


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