Dr. Kristin Myzie
  • VetEvolve Practice: Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun, Ashburn & Brambleton, Virginia
  • Specialty: General Practice, Practice Leadership
  • Graduate: Kansas State University | DVM
  • Undergraduate: University of Virginia | Computer Science

The Journey to VetEvolve

When Dr. Kristin Myzie started working in a veterinary clinic as a teenager, she knew she wanted to become a veterinarian. At her local clinic, in Centreville, Va., she gained experience over the next decade in nearly every role possible: boarding, reception, vet assistant, and unlicensed technician.

When she went to college, Dr. Myzie didn’t pursue veterinary medicine right away. Instead, she earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Virginia and began working as a security engineer. “Becoming a Vet was always the long-term plan,” she said. “But my undergraduate degree gave me the opportunity to grow and earn the financial resources I knew I’d need to pursue veterinary medicine.”

It also honed skills that applied directly to her true passion for veterinary medicine, such as technical writing, public speaking, and communicating with clients. After four years of working as a security engineer, Dr. Myzie went back to school and earned her DVM from Kansas State University in 2015. She returned to central Virginia and joined Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun—which has locations in Ashburn and Brambleton, Virginia—as an Associate Veterinarian. She’s remained there ever since and now has nearly a decade of experience serving the people in the region where she was raised.

“I came full circle,” she said. “(Animal Centers of Loudoun) is about 20 minutes from where I grew up.”

How VetEvolve Supports Her Success

Dr. Myzie was an associate veterinarian when Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun partnered with VetEvolve. She was skeptical about how things would change as they became part of a larger organization, based on prior discussions with other companies during the partnership process.

With VetEvolve, she could feel a real difference from other potential partners. VetEvolve invested time and energy to learn about all of the people at Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun, both as a team and as individuals. What were their goals? What did they want to achieve? How could VetEvolve help?

“They got to know us,” Dr. Myzie said. During those discussions, she shared her desire to develop her leadership skills within the practice—a natural fit for her given her interest in training and personnel development. In early 2023 when the opportunity became available for a new medical director at AMC, Dr. Myzie was named to the role.

Her Advice to Experienced Veterinarians and Recent Graduates

“VetEvolve continues to put people first. Sometimes we overlook that this is a career for many of our support staff too. We’re investing in our whole team: our doctors, our CSRs (client service representatives) and our technicians. I feel good about that.”