How Does it Work?

We handle the business of practice ownership – You continue practicing high-quality medicine.

For veterinarians who are passionate about medicine, VetEvolve provides a variety of ownership transition options centered on practice sustainability, high-quality pet care, clinic-level relationships, and superior practice management.

At VetEvolve we:

  • Put the patient first. Each solution we develop is unique, personal, and mutually beneficial.
  • Provide exit strategies, sustainability plans, and liquidity. We can help maximize ROI and manage tax impacts.
  • Maintain existing practice culture and relationships.
  • Empower veterinarians to focus on pet care by supporting business processes.
  • Leverage industry know-how to support care plans.
  • Help drive ethical practice growth and solidify your client base.
  • Provide superior business management.
  • Recruit, retain, and develop staff talent.
  • Skillfully manage vendor and manufacturer relationships.
  • Support community involvement through stewardship and outreach.
  • Connect you with other veterinarians and veterinary services industry professionals with successful track records.

What to Expect from Us

  • A partnership with you and your staff that is predicated on mutual respect and a desire to maximize impact.
  • A focus on your practice as a standalone treatment facility. We will not lump you in with other seemingly “similar” practices.
  • A community centric approach – We think stewardship and community leadership is important.
  • When the time is right, we will ask some detailed questions about your practice as a component of our evaluation.
  • Integrity. All the time.


“Don't change, evolve”


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Our Ideal Partner

Our veterinarian partners focus on providing superior care and patient service while building a thriving business that is well respected in the community.

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Upcoming Events

Thinking about selling your practice? Stay tuned for our exclusive Succession Planning Seminars this summer. Email us at or call 804.304.1858 for more details!