Developing Team Members’ Careers Through the Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program

VetEvolve’s program invests in team members to bolster skills, improve doctor support, and elevate patient care

Helping our team members develop their careers is an important part of our people-first culture. One of the ways we are doing that is with our Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program. Credentialed Technicians are an important part of our veterinary teams, providing essential support to our doctors while delivering hands-on care to patients and communicating with clients. Our Tuition Reimbursement program gives members of our existing support staff the financial support they need to further their education and become credentialed veterinary technicians.

Since the inception of the program, nine team members have taken advantage of the program and participation continues to rise. Read more about three team members who have benefited from the Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement program this year.

The Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program in Practice

Maggie PetersMaggie Peters

Maggie is a Vet Assistant at Manchester Veterinary Services in Maryland, where she’s worked for the last three years. Shortly after starting at Manchester, Maggie began pursuing her LVT degree to expand her own veterinary medicine knowledge, grow her confidence in helping animals, and take some of the weight off the shoulders of the doctors in the practice.

She’s also able to apply what she’s learning through the educational program to her daily work experience. “I’m able to better educate pet owners,” Maggie said. “I’m able to do more as I learn more.”

Before her practice joined the VetEvolve community, Maggie was paying for her education; now those costs are being reimbursed. “I’m definitely more at ease now, knowing that I don’t have to rely only on my own paycheck,” Maggie said. “It’s super easy (to work within the program) on my end. I appreciate everything (VetEvolve) has to offer.”

Marissa ElliottMarissa Elliott

Marissa spent a decade building her veterinary career at Companion Animal Clinic in Blacksburg, Va. Now a Veterinarian Assistant Supervisor and Inventory Manager, Marissa began at Companion as a teenager working in the practice boarding facility. Seeing the impact LVTs have on a practice firsthand and the desire to continue to build her skillset led to Marissa enrolling in the VetEvolve reimbursement program.

“Having LVTs is like having gold for a practice, especially in our area,” Marissa said. “It shows the practice is committed to a higher level of care, a higher level of education for clients and their pets.”

Marissa appreciated the ease of the LVT tuition reimbursement program, allowing her to pursue individual career growth while supporting the practice with needed skills. “It takes a huge weight off your shoulders,” Marissa said. “Knowing I’m supported this way is so very helpful.”

Balancing work, a young son and continuing education is hard to do. VetEvolve’s program helps keep it aligned and provides the extra push of motivation.

“Additional training is easy to put off because it’s expensive and hard to fit in,” she said. “But with (VetEvolve’s) support, it feels like they’re rooting for me. They’re backing me up, instead of me trying to do all of this completely on my own.”

Brettan O’BierneBrettan O’Bierne

Brettan wasted little time embracing the LVT tuition reimbursement program following her start at Dublin Animal Hospital in the middle of 2022. Now a Technician Supervisor and roughly halfway through her education program, Brettan was thrilled to take advantage of the assistance offered.

“I had just graduated from college, and financially I was on my own for the first time,” Brettan said. “I just didn’t have any money for more school then. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do this if you’re working in Vet Med and want to further your career.

“It’s literally the best opportunity landing in your lap.”

The financial reimbursement and professional development were both big draws for Brettan, and the opportunity to use her place of employment to complete various clinical requirements was also beneficial. Brettan relied on Dr. Maria Bruck-Madlin at Dublin Animal Hospital to verify her clinical work, often aided by the connections the practice has in the community. She was able to balance school, work, and clinical responsibilities and seamlessly apply what was learning to work—and vice-versa.

Best of all, Brettan was able to dictate the pace of the program. “It’s really self-paced, which is a huge, positive thing for me,” she said. “ You have the power in your hands.”

VetEvolve Provides a Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program and More

Whether you’re a veterinarian looking for a new opportunity, a practice owner seeking a partnership to support your business or part of a veterinary medicine support team looking to grow your role and career, VetEvolve has the network, people, and resources to help make your ‘Happy Here’.

The Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program is just one example of how VetEvolve prioritizes supporting our team members. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help.

“I really appreciate the program and what it offers. It’s been awesome!” Marissa said. “VetEvolve will make it happen for you.”

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