Investing in Our Doctors and Our Practices is Part of What Makes People Happy Here

At VetEvolve, we are committed to supporting our doctors throughout their careers so they can deliver exceptional patient care every day to their patients and their clients. One of the ways we support them is by continuing to invest in our veterinary facilities to elevate patient care and bring efficiency to the practice. Since we started VetEvolve in 2014, we have invested heavily in capital expenditures to support our practices, and this year alone, we expect to spend over $1 million. 

Sometimes discovering opportunities for capital expenditures at a clinic starts early on in our partnership and even during discussions in the buying process. Our team likes to find out what a practice has not been able to get to as sole proprietors, to help them hit the ground running once they become part of the VetEvolve family. In fact, for the first practice we ever partnered with, we bought a digital x-ray machine before the transaction occurred so they could start using it on the first day!

Most importantly, we are focused on seeking ideas from our doctors and staff to get them what they need to be successful. We spend time with each practice and the doctors and staff there to determine which capital investments (or non-capital investments) we need to make in order to help them be their most efficient, achieve the highest standard of care, and be happy where they work.

Elevating The Standard of Care

VetEvolve is dedicated to helping our doctors and practices elevate their standard of care and expand service offerings with needed equipment. While our support is custom to our doctors’ and staff members’ individual needs, the first focus for many practices is ensuring that they have access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including digital dental and x-ray machines.

We also frequently help practices that still use paper records implement an EMR, or electronic medical record system, early on in our partnership (we should note, however, that switching from paper to EMR is not a requirement). On top of making practice operations easier for doctors and overall more efficient, an EMR helps to better track trends in annual lab work. For example, if a dog gets sick at 10 years old and has been to regular wellness appointments over the years, an EMR can help doctors key in on the exact date of change in a pet’s health.

Many of our partner practices struggle with having the time, space, and tools for efficient inventory management prior to our partnership. VetEvolve offers proprietary tools and resources to improve this.

Another improvement we have helped with at our partner practices is buying and implementing rapid laboratory equipment to shorten lab processing times. Additionally, on a practice-to-practice basis, we have helped doctors gain access to specialty equipment like advanced surgical monitoring, orthopedic rehabilitation equipment, and more.

Why Our Veterinary Talent Is Happier Here

VetEvolve’s message of “Happy Starts Here” centers on a culture of listening to every doctor and staff member to make sure our team understands what practice teams need to be successful. From high-quality, modern equipment to implementing processes that improve upon existing structures, VetEvolve works with the individuals at each of our practices to make investments across our portfolio that attract and retain doctors and staff.

Having state-of-the-art equipment is a key element in keeping not only our veterinary talent but the pet owners they serve happier, and animals healthier. Providing up-to-date imaging equipment and giving our clinics the ability to match a high standard of care is a huge part of our ethos as veterinary practice owners.

Helping newer doctors get acclimated quickly and feel confident at work is a top priority for our recruitment and onboarding team. One way that our practice investments aid this process is by helping to implement an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system, as younger generations of veterinarians are used to digital methods of working and communicating. While we never force a specific operating system onto any of our partner practices, having a digital system in place can eliminate the need for paper records, often eases onboarding for younger doctors, and leads to easier-to-follow treatment plans in the long run.

Another practice highlight that can help doctors to grow within their field is the possibility of attaining more advanced equipment as veterinarians gain experience and see more demand for their specialties. In a practice owned by sole proprietors, attaining this type of equipment may be an unrealized pipe dream, but with the support of a partner like VetEvolve, it can become a reality. This will allow doctors to widen their service offerings and deepen their work in a specific area of interest, such as being able to treat new types of animals like exotics, or offering more specialized services in a particular treatment area like surgical or dental procedures.

Keeping Each Practice’s Individuality Alive

In many of our conversations with owners, doctors, and staff about the transition of ownership to the VetEvolve team, practice teams often express concern over giving up control and submitting to immense, standardized changes. VetEvolve values a true partnership approach with practice managers, doctors, and staff, and does not force teams to implement tools, software, or processes that do not work for them just for the sake of standardization across practices.

Unless a tool or system is no longer viable, we will work with practice teams to preserve what is working and improve upon existing systems. In extensive conversations with doctors, practice managers, and leaders, we listen to their individual concerns and needs and work to find ideal solutions — whether those require capital expenditure or only minor tweaks to an existing process.

On the other hand, we always work to balance fostering practice individuality with giving clinics a deep level of support, partially by providing the proper training for every piece of equipment and new system implemented. For new equipment training, depending on the specific technology, the combined support of VetEvolve and our industry partners gives doctors access to hands-on training so they feel confident, get all questions answered, and make sure they get exactly what they need to use the equipment properly and efficiently. 

Helping Every Team Member Take Pride in Their Practice

While not necessarily capital expenditures, VetEvolve invests in a variety of additional practice improvements that help doctors, managers, and practice staff feel excited and proud of working at their practice. In the past, we have been blown away by how much small improvements can help morale and bring all members of a clinic together.

Building improvements as simple as a new coat of paint, revitalized waiting area, new front desks, and more really can improve the client experience. We even often see practice teams want to pitch in and help because, with the ability to easily make these kinds of changes afforded by our partnership, they are excited to be a part of the change.

Small space changes can also help to improve processes for practices and staff, such as repositioning or reconstructing treatment areas, adding tables, and trying different setups to improve the flow of the hospital and the efficiency of treatment. Some of the clinics we work with occupy spaces not originally made for veterinary uses — such as old residential buildings — and knocking out walls, changing entrance points, and more can really make a difference in how the practice operates.

Smaller investments into practice improvement are not just limited to physical changes, but also include improving our practices’ online presence. We often invest in website improvements or the building of new websites, which helps practice staff with marketing initiatives. 

Other marketing spending includes initiatives like creating a new sign for a building and helping clinic teams acquire other similar physical marketing and branding pieces. At VetEvolve, we understand that even small improvements can make a huge difference in making clients, doctors, and staff members all happier at their practice. Every decision and expenditure we make is focused on the people it affects. For us, achieving ROI means retaining doctors by helping them to feel supported and investing in their growth, and keeping animals healthy and happy by helping practice teams provide an efficient, high standard of care.

VetEvolve Helps Every Team Member With Personalized Support

If you are interested in hearing more about how VetEvolve helps our partner practices thrive by making sure that “Happy Starts Here” for doctors, staff, and pets and their owners, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

At VetEvolve, it’s all about you. Get in touch with our team today.