VetEvolve Continues to Prioritize Overall Employee Wellness With Veterinary Support Services

VetEvolve Furthers “Happy Here” Initiative with Addition of Three Veterinary Support Services in 2022

At VetEvolve, a main goal of our people-first approach is to ensure the overall happiness and wellness of our team members — from veterinarians to support staff and beyond. That’s why we added three robust veterinary support services in 2022, prioritizing the financial, professional, and mental wellbeing of our staff.

Annual Reward Fund Boosts Financial WellBeing

We started the Annual Reward Fund (ARF) in 2022 so our veterinarians can participate in the overall success of the company and have a sense of ownership in the organization. With the ARF program, qualified and participating veterinarians receive annual reward units, based on their individual productivity and performance and the overall performance of the company. When the program matures in 3-5 years, VetEvolve will pay out a certain amount of money to each doctor, based on how many reward units they’ve accumulated and the overall value of the company.

2022 was the first year our doctors were rewarded with the ARF program, using 2021 productivity numbers to determine the amount of reward units they received. Since then, the implied value of those units has outperformed the S&P 500 with a 20% one-year growth rate. The unit values are expected to grow as the company grows in 2023 and beyond.*

MentorVet Partnership Offers Community and Mental Health Support

Veterinarians and support staff often feel the effects of burnout, which is why we partnered with MentorVet to provide a virtual community of support to our veterinarians, free of charge.

Founded by Addie Reinhard, DVM, MS, MentorVet is an evidence-based national mentorship and professional development program that helps new and experienced veterinarians cope with the stressors they face in the veterinary field. Topics include self-care, leadership, conflict management, ethical decision-making and how to provide care given limited client finances.

New graduates have found these services to be particularly helpful as they enter their first position in a practice. They may need someone to talk to outside of their practice about medical or non-medical questions. We encourage every veterinarian, new or experienced, to use this service to get access to 3rd party, experienced industry professionals who can support their growth personally and professionally. We are very proud that some of our doctors participate as mentors to others outside of VetEvolve in the program as well.

The MentorVet program is about 6 months long. Services include monthly peer group meetings, financial coaching, mentorship with an experienced veterinarian, mental health coaching, and more.

Vet Specialists on Demand Helps Doctors Access Expertise to Improve Patient Care

VetEvolve has partnered with Vet Specialists on Demand (VSOD) to address challenges related to specialty medicine access in pandemic and post-pandemic times. VSOD is a user-friendly and affordable virtual specialty consult platform incorporating chat, audio, video, and link- and file-sharing to facilitate successful consultations between primary care veterinarians and over 400 veterinary specialists across 15 different specialties.

This additional layer of support helps VetEvolve veterinarians manage cases involving clients who are unable to pursue specialty care for financial reasons and/or are having difficulty finding an available specialist. VSOD also helps VetEvolve veterinarians formulate pre-referral treatment plans and obtain advice when they are unsure if a referral is necessary.

Happy Starts at VetEvolve

VetEvolve is committed to providing a rewarding experience for all employees through our “Happy Here” program. These programs work to better the overall employee experience, and have contributed to VetEvolve earning a “2023 Best Places to Work” distinction.

Interested in a more fulfilling career in the veterinary field? Learn more about VetEvolve’s personalized career options, veterinary support services, and the benefits of working at a people-first organization.

*Legal disclaimer: value of ARF award units will vary with time, and we cannot guarantee they will always grow in value. Actual results will drive any outcome which will be based on ARF award unit amount, company performance, value of VetEvolve, and timing.

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