VetEvolve Honored with “Best Place to Work” Distinction

VetEvolve’s Employee Culture Recognized by Virginia Business Magazine and Best Companies Group

Since our inception, VetEvolve has worked hard to create a people-first culture. Through our “Happy Starts Here” initiative, we’ve created a workplace where everyone feels supported, heard, and fulfilled. Now, Virginia Business Magazine and Best Companies Group are recognizing that commitment. The two companies recently named VetEvolve to the Best Places to Work – Virginia 2023 list.

“We’ve worked hard to establish a rich, collaborative culture at VetEvolve, and we couldn’t be happier with this recognition,” commented Jessica DeCesare, Chief People Officer at VetEvolve. “We’ve curated a special family of veterinary practices and a workplace culture that emphasizes respect and gratitude toward all staff. VetEvolve wouldn’t be what it is today without our staff’s determination and dedication.”

The 2023 Best Places to Work in Virginia initiative recognizes 100 companies with the most exceptional procedures and company culture. We went through two rounds of evaluations to earn this distinction. For the first part, Virginia Business Magazine and Best Companies Group evaluated our workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. This portion was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part was an employee survey that measured the employee experience, worth 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top companies and final ranking.

“We’re pleased to be recognized for our commitment to a positive employee experience,” said Nick Lodestro, Chief Executive Officer at VetEvolve. “We’re grateful our staff feels VetEvolve has a wonderful company culture and that they feel appreciated here. It showcases the ‘Happy Starts Here’ initiative’s success.”

The final rankings for the list will be announced during an in-person awards luncheon on February 3, 2023 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

How Our “Happy Starts Here” Commitment Helps Us Create a Positive Culture

Our “Happy Starts Here” initiative stems from a dedication to supporting doctors and staff throughout their careers. VetEvolve focuses on providing smooth day-to-day operations so practice staff can concentrate on providing exceptional patient care.

We make it a point to listen to our partners so we can provide whatever they need to succeed. We dive deep into doctor and staff needs to determine which capital and non-capital investments we need to make to help them achieve the highest standard of care, and ensure they’re happy at their practice. We continuously invest in our veterinary facilities to elevate care and efficiency;

We also support our practices and staff with operational improvements. While we never force new policies on a practice, we can suggest changes to help the facility achieve the highest standard of care and ensure the staff is happy at their workplace. For example, we can help implement an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. This system can eliminate the need for paper records, ease onboarding for younger doctors, and improve visibility of treatment plans.

While we do suggest certain changes, we never force a facility to implement tools, software, or processes that don’t work for them for the sake of standardization across our practices. This proactive, collaborative approach contributes to a positive working relationship between VetEvolve and our partners. Our doctors and staff know we do our best to keep each practice’s individuality alive while maximizing their operations.

Learn How Our Company Culture Could Benefit You

VetEvolve is a people-first organization that invests in veterinary teams and provides them industry know-how and reliable support, enabling them to deliver exceptional patient care. Using a customized approach to partnering with DVMs and practice owners throughout their career, VetEvolve ensures each person is achieving their career goals and are fulfilled personally, professionally, and financially. VetEvolve works at the practice level by creating a partnership with the staff and understanding culture and success drivers. Above all else, we put our staff and our clients first, and each solution we develop is unique, personal, and mutually beneficial. Happy Starts Here.

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