VetEvolve’s Unique Approach to Veterinary Practice Partnership: Putting People First

Here at VetEvolve, our goal is relatively simple—we want to ensure every member of our veterinary teams is “Happy Here” so they can build a rewarding career and provide the best care possible to pets and their families in the communities we serve. Reaching those goals requires a unique approach to veterinary practice partnerships. We’re proud to do things differently from other veterinary consolidators; for us it’s about building together, not simply ‘acquiring’ additional practices. It’s an ethos that informs and touches everything we do across our growing organization.

Unlike the prevailing trend, which focuses on streamlining and uniformity in operating practices, VetEvolve avoids the cookie-cutter model in favor of a more personalized and partnership-oriented method. From practice partnerships to veterinary career support, our people-centric approach places the individual in the center of the conversation.

There’s no doubt that corporation-owned veterinary practices are big business today, but at VetEvolve we’ve elected to focus on the people who make practices important and what connects them to the communities they serve. Let’s explore how our philosophy translates into action and why it matters for practice owners, veterinarians, their teams, and their clients

A Partnership-Focused Acquisition Approach

We bring that same mentality to our practice partnerships. We think about every partnership opportunity as if it’s our first opportunity; it’s a concept we refer to as ‘Our Next, First Practice.’ We take the same time to learn what makes each practice truly special and work with the owners to understand what has made them successful and where they could use a little help.

Selling and transitioning your veterinary practice is a milestone. At VetEvolve, we work diligently to ensure you transition on your terms. Whether owners are looking to reduce their hours as they map out a transition to retirement, or they are interested in getting back to practicing medicine after shedding tasks that have been weighing them down, we shape solutions around their unique needs and priorities first and foremost. This principled and personal approach is part of every engagement; we treat every potential acquisition with the same care as we did with our first.

Focusing on the people in their practice and maintaining the internal culture of a practice is a key concern for many owners as they look for a partner. For us, we feel it’s an honor and a responsibility we are ready, willing, and able to take on.

Support for Every Individual

For us, we never talk about our individual team members as a number. We recognize that each person has unique skills, passions, and aspirations, inside and outside of work. So rather than taking a one-size-fits-all view, we invest significant effort in getting to know individuals on a personal level to discover what really motivates them. We also build trust so that as career goals change over time, we can openly discuss how they can continue to be ‘Happy Here’ and excited to come to work every day.

Through ongoing open conversations, team members are empowered to have a real voice too. They know they can come to leaders with suggestions to improve processes or talk through concerns should they ever come up. Far from just paying lip service to feedback, we take action to implement ideas. This collaborative and caring community is central to our people-first culture. And when folks feel genuinely supported as individuals, they find deeper meaning and fulfillment in their roles—leading to greater loyalty, productivity and performance over time.

It’s crucial to understand this career support goes beyond assisting veterinarians. All support staff, from CSRs (client service representatives) to vet technicians and assistants, play an important role in the success of a practice. Happier, better-supported teams lead to better care for pets and their families. This support includes growing from within when looking to fill leadership roles and offering reimbursement for educational and training opportunities.

Our Approach to Veterinary Practice Partnership is Foundational

At VetEvolve, our approach is not just a philosophy but an everyday practice guided by the values lived in our organization. These principles reflect our dedication to supporting every individual, acknowledging their goals, and fostering a culture of teamwork, partnership, and growth. Our mission and values are not mere words but actions that define every interaction and decision, ensuring we remain aligned with the needs of our team members and the communities in which we serve.

Serve — There is a higher purpose for our work, and we are here to serve our community and not ourselves. We care about each other, our patients, and our clients, and we are genuine in our interactions.

Evolve — We welcome challenges and work together to solve problems with innovative solutions. We help each other find creative ways to improve so we become stronger as a team and stronger as a company.

Trust — We build trust by being honest with each other, and we are transparent in all that we say and do. We follow through on our commitments and do what we say we will do.

Ready for a New Approach to Veterinary Practice Partnership?

VetEvolve believes our unique people and partnership-focused philosophies allow us to support the veterinary community in a more meaningful, custom way. Happier team members deliver better care. Practice transitions that respect established identities increase continuity for clients and patients over time. And for the communities our practices serve, it ensures the continuation of high-quality veterinary care rooted in values and a culture that they have come to trust.

Our approach hopes to set a new standard in the veterinary industry. By prioritizing people and committing to the success of each practice, we seek to positively impact the lives of countless individuals and animals. We want to be the employer of choice for veterinary professionals, and our practices to be the best option for care in their communities.

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