Aug 25 2016

VetEvolve Weekly: What We’re Working On – 8/24/2016

Each week at our practices, we take note of the management challenges which consumed our time and attention. We also sometimes include impactful books, articles, educational opportunities, and other nuggets of information.

We live leadership and management in our clinics every day – Reach out if you’d like to compare notes on these topics, or anything else that is on your mind.

 Health Insurance Premiums Are Increasing – Is Your Team Healthy?

You may get significant savings with a Level Funded Insurance Plan. Ask your broker.

Video: What is a Level Funded Plan?

 How is Your Reminder Compliance? We See a Fall Project Coming On.

It is much harder to find new clients than it is to keep them. We’ve looked into our practice’s reminder compliance and both have opportunities for significant improvement.

 “Wait – I Have to Prove I Am Important to This Clinic Through Action?”

We’re going to write a book. “Vol 1 – What not to say and do in an interview.” “Vol 2 – What not to say during your first week.”

Do you have any contributions? We bet you do.

 Increase in Virginia’s CE Hours for Licensed Veterinary Technicians.

An amendment increases the number of continuing education hours from 6 to 8 hours per year (to be implemented until the 2017 calendar year).

Click for Updated Regulations

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